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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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doesn't matter what anyone else sees you in, he always saw the good. >> students and teachers remember a gifted principal who was shot and killed inside his own home. good evening, i'm doreen
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gentzler. jim vance is off tonight. the murder has stunned montgomery county and the district where brian bett poured his energy. he attracted the attention of former "nightly news" anchor tom brokaw. the search is on for his killer. jackie benson is in rockville with the latest on this. >> reporter: it is rare to find someone who was loved by so many people. that's what makes this murder all the more shocking. >> doesn't matter what anyone else sees in you, he always saw the good. >> reporter: in germantown where brian betts once taught, devastated former students and colleagues gathered to remember him. he spent nearly two decades with the montgomery county public school system. students penned these remembrances of him. >> he believed in every kid that
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walked through the door. he really treated each one like they were the most important kid in the world, and they felt it for him. >> reporter: two years ago betts took on the greatest challenge of his professional life, answering d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee's call to become principal of underperforming sean middle school. >> for students who were good, it helped them to be great. >> he was one of my superstars and differentiated him. you'll hear it from the voices of the kids is the relationship he built with kids. >> reporter: colleagues were devastated by news he was found shot to death in his home thursday. a co-worker anti-erred the unlocked front door about 7:30 p.m. after he failed to show up for school. the house on columbia boulevard was the scene of a shocking double murder in 2002 before betts purchased it. greg russell and his 9-year-old daughter erica smith were shot by a man who broke into the
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home. anthony kelly is serving multiple life sentences in prison. >> investigators have a belief that this is not a random crime. however, there is not enough evidence to rule that out. >> reporter: the victim's suv is still missing. back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you. the first students have been interviewed by police about a sexting scandal at a local middle school. boys at pyle middle school in bethesda are accused fd buying, selling and trading nude pictures of female class mates through cell phones and emails. most of the girls in the pictures are eighth graders. police plan to interview more students next week. authorities may never know how many bought, sold and traded the pictures. so far no criminal charges filed. for the second time in a week a georgetown university student has been sexually assaulted. it happened overnight.
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the attack at gun point took place a block off m street in a neighborhood that blends students, businesses and multimillion dollar homes. darcy spencer is along prospect street with more on this. >> reporter: there have been a number of crimes reported on and around the georgetown campus this year. this one was more violent. a teenager was robbed and groped at gun point. georgetown universe officials are urging students to avoid walking alone at night after two students were sexually assaulted in two separate attacks. one happened here on prospect street early this morning. the other in a dorm on campus one week ago. there have been three robberies and one attempted robbery near campus since january. >> it's disturbing. especially so close to campus. the one on campus was a little difficult to understand how it could happen so close to where people are living. >> reporter: the first attack happened around 6:00 in the evening last friday.
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police say the student was groped in a stairwell leading to the basement of copley hall. students say residents need an i.d. to get in and security is posted at the door. >> it creeped me out because i live in the building where they had the first assault, one floor up. i have someone do my laundry with me now. it's disturbing thinking it could be a student on campus. >> reporter: in the latest attack a 19-year-old student was walking in the 3300 block of prospect street around 2:00 in the morning when she was groped and robbed of her cell phone at gun point. >> placed the hand gun against the body. ordered her to turn over what she had. she turned over her cell phone. once he obtained the cell phone he commenced to fondle her throughout the body. >> reporter: that happened on a street where many students rent town hoses and a block away from m street's vibrant night life. a new development is planned here, luxury condos selling for as much as $5 million per unit. >> georgetown is a safe community.
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it's an inner city community. so you have to be aware of your surroundings when you're out walking around at night. >> reporter: police do not believe these two sexual assaults are connecting. they are working with the victim of this latest attack trying to develop a composite sketch of a possible suspect. live from georgetown, darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. if you've been outside this evening you know the winds picked up. a tree was knocked down in the petworth area tonight. that wind is bringing a line of showers closer to the city. veronica johnson is in the weather center with more on a wet start to our weekend. wet and windy start, huh? >> yeah, wet and windy. we had gusts out there already from some of these thunderstorms we had earlier. up to around 40 and 50 miles per hour. did do a little bit of wind damage. here is what's left. we've got showers around deal, southern anne arundel county and a few up to the north.
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the actual line there. the actual weather front has yet to make its way into areas of virginia. what we are going to have is this line coming through with generally showers, probably moderate showers and temperatures that will be dropping in a hurry. the blue dot is where the wind damage was today. tomorrow, a cool one for us. we' don't expect to see the return of 80 degree heat for a while. that massive ash cloud coming from a volcano in iceland grounded thousands of flights in europe and delayed passengers over the world. air space won't reopen until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. many european travelers are scrambling to book train tickets but for those passengers trying to get across the atlantic from dulles, frustration is building. >> we were told we meant to
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rebook ourselves. we could have been on an earlier flight. >> it's stressful. i have work and a lot of things i have to get back to. >> british airways and other airlines canceled all flights in and out of london tomorrow. the ash cloud is impacting u.s. military flights, particularly wounded troops who need to be transported to medical facilities. patients from the frontlines in iraq and afghanistan are normally medevaced to hospitals in germany. the volcanic eruption is forcing all those transports to fly directly to andrews air force base instead. coming up on news4 at 11:00, toyota recalls more than 500,000 siennas. just a couple of years after it was chosen by "consumer reports" as the best minivan. there are new reports eric massa wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff one day after resigning. boaters, beware. lindsay, what's in sports?
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>> capitals coach bruce boudreau says his team learned a big lesson. they'll try not to repeat it tomorrow. stephen strausburg will have to wait for his second minor league start.
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toyota announced the recall of more than 500,000 sienna minivans today. that includes minivans driven in d.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia. salt on the roads during winter months could corrode the spare tire's carrier cable and that could cause the wheel to become loose. it was rated the best minivan by "consumer reports" in 2007. a previously convicted sex offender pleaded guilty today in the murder of two teenagers in the san diego area the plea allowed 31-year-old john gardner to avoid the death penalty.
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he is accused of raping and killing 17-year-old chelsea king in february. gardner was linked to the crime by dna evidence. after that, he led authorities to the remains of 14-year-old amber dubois who prosecutors say he murdered back in 2009. it was a day of reflection and remembrance in virginia on the third anniversary of the virginia tech shootings. on april 16, 2007, 32 students were killed by student gunman sun wi cho. on the virginia tech campus today, students reflected at two benches dedicated to the survivors of the shootings. in richmond, governor bob mcdonnell observed a moment of silence and proclaimed it virginia tech remembrance day. still to come tonight, explosive charges against goldman sachs rock wall street and send stocks on a slide.
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fairfax finds a way to save freshman sports and music programs.
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the man once known as public enemy number one in the anthrax case has broken his silence. dr. stephen hatville was called a person of interest when fear was at its highest in 2002. six years later the fbi discovered somebody else was to blame for those attacks and he reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the government. matt lauer picks up the story. >> reporter: on june 25, 2002, hatville's name became public. the fbi said they wanted to take tests from his home. feeling he had nothing wrong and had nothing to fear, he agreed. >> we would like to do swaths.
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it would be discreet and quiet. >> reporter: you signed the consent form? >> sure. i walked out in the parking lot and there were already news cameras filming me walking to the car. they were taking me back to the apartment, then the whole news thing was out there and helicopters. >> reporter: didn't you say to one of the fbi agents, how did this get leaked or someone said someone must have leaked this to the media? >> i can't remember the exact comment, but i said what's going on here? well, it got leaked. what a performance. >> reporter: can you try to describe what happens over the next several years? when you are now under surveillance constantly by the fbi and under the krut any of the media. >> it's never the same again. >> reporter: when you say they're following you everywhere you go, is it like a bad movie where they are in a van? >> right behind you. >> reporter: they are making it
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clear, we are watching every move you make? >> sure. it just became a way to harass. you go into a restaurant and they would sit down on either side of you. >> reporter: in august 2002 attorney general john ashcroft took the unprecedented step naming hatville a person of interest in the anthrax killings. >> he is a person that the fbi has been interested in. >> reporter: the scrutiny cost hatville his job and every aspect of his privacy. >> i don't know of any law that permits the fbi to go by your closest friends and say you're not to associate with dr. hatville. >> reporter: trying to make you snap? >> yeah. intentionally. >> reporter: you settled with the justice department for a lot of money. did they ever apologize? >> somebody phoned me up and say we're sorry? >> reporter: yeah. we screwed up. >> no. they don't do that. >> ultimately the fbi closed the anthrax case saying u.s. army researcher bruce ivin acted alone.
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he committed suicide as investigators began to hone in on him. stephen hatville's settlement was supposedly $5.8 million. investment bank goldman sachs is denying serious fraud charges brought by the government which sent stocks sliding today. the dow lost more than 120 points due in part to the civil complaint filed by the securities and exchange commission. it claims goldman purposefully misled investors into purchasing securities backed by failing subprime mortgages. the s.e.c. says another goldman client who helped create the mortgage bundle bet against them causing investors to lose out on nearly $1 billion. veronica is back with the details about our weekend weather. is this wind and rain going to blow out of here soon? >> the wind we are still going to have through tomorrow. will be gusty at times. at least the rain will be gone. then a chill through the area,
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especially during late in the day tomorrow. folks though out tonight. yes, they needed their umbrellas with the few showers we had across the area. we picked up trace amounts around d.c. most was north. 85 degrees though. that's what the high was today. that was shortly after 2:00. the pollen count was nearly 1,300 grains per cubic meter. that's about the mid portion. high range. we should see the numbers down for the weekend. 72 currently at ronald reagan national airport with wind west-northwest at 10 miles per hour. sun's up at 6:29. when it does that rain will be east of the area with just a few clouds left around. here is where the weather front is. take a look at the radar. right now it is south of hagerstown, maryland. it's through cumberland, maryland, already. south of berkeley springs. that's where it's coming through now. it is coming through the area with a few showers. not the storms we saw earlier
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today. those were between about 4:00 and 6:00. as i said, we did have some severe weather across the area, especially around northern areas of maryland, howard county, frederick county, all picking up wind damage with a few trees down. 0.8 inch of rain, andrews air force base. wind gusted there 41 miles per hour. not quite as strong in montgomery county. look at the temperature already dropping off from 85 to 69. we are cooling down off to the west. 60s in hagerstown. by the morning, we'll start out with temperatures in the 50s. then 40s for sunday morning. there's the front. it extends all the way to the nation's midsection. it is a long front with a thin band of showers. not the powerful front it once was. certainly, the cool air is behind it. temperature drop compared to today as much as about 20 to 25 degrees. chicago now is 25 degree
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temperature drop compared to yesterday. we're in the 70s. we'll be in the 60s for highs tomorrow. atlanta, memphis there still at 71. the next 48 hours, here we go. the front coming through. should be east of the area by the time the sun comes up. the rain should be gone. with that cool air, we are still going to have a few clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two here and there around the area tomorrow. much cooler conditions in the 60s tomorrow and in the 50s for highs on sunday. it's going to be a while before we see the return of any 80 degree heat around here. get ready for a bit of a spring, more typical spring type week next week. >> thank you, veronica. >> have a good weekend, doreen. >> you, too. an ivy league school decides to cover sex-change operations with its student health plan. and next sports.
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rainy and windy out there, but a good night for the nats. >> nationals have one of their newest players to thank for it. adam kennedy showed up at the park planning to start in place of the still-injured ryan zimmerman at third base. adam dunne is tossed in the first inning and kennedy takes his place. it's not what he did in the infield that made the biggest difference. he became the hero with the two-run single in the bottom of the eighth. nationals beat the brewers 5-3 down at nationals park. bottom first, no score. full count on for adam dunne. dunne stops his swing. you think it's ball four, right? third base ump said no, dunne
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swung. dunne doesn't like it. he argues and he is tossed from the game. poor adam dunne. pit top eighth, brewers up 3-2. escobar lifts one to left field. what's going to happen? the diving catch then he doubles carlos gomez off second base. nationals getting out of trouble. what they like to see. bottom eighth now, adam kennedy in for adam dunne. hits one down the first base line. past prince fielder. willie tarvaris and josh willingham come on to score and national beat the brewers 5-3. >> down to the farm. stephen strasberg making is a home game for the senators. he was ready.
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the game currently in another rain delay. tied at 1-1. strasberg struck out three batters in 2 1/3 innings. tonight pittsburgh penguins bounce back from their game one loss to take game two. that is the same thing capitals hope to do tomorrow night. if the game last night revealed anything, it's what the team has been saying this past week, throwing the seeding out of the window. capitals' new expectation of the top seed would be dangerous. montreal proved it by shutting down alex ovechkin and outplaying the caps in overtime. bruce boudreau joked ovechkin needs a massage to relax? he wants his team to focus on just playing hockey. that's what the montreal canadiens did very well. they stopped ovechkin. turned it on when it matters. bruce boudreau said you can't take an eighth seed lightly. today he played the role of journalist on himself.
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>> i'm asking myself a question you would ask me. if it wasn't for the fact it's the number one seed versus an eight seed. if this was eight seed versus eight seed, everyone would say, hey what a great game and what two evenly matched teams. i think they're a lot better than their regular season indicated. >> translation for boudreau, duh, canadiens are good. >> next game tomorrow. >> tomorrow night. be there or be square. >> you'll be there. >> i know. still to come, a golf fan forgets to check the tide.
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sports and other school programs have been saved in the fairfax county budget. thanks to $60 million in state funding, but students will have to pay a $100 per sport athletic fee now and the property tax rate will go up by a nickel. former new york congressman eric massa apparently wrote a $40,000 check to his chief of staff one day after resigning amid sexual harassment allegations.
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massa's p advisor reported massa to the house ethics committee. both sides said the money was for work on massa's re-election campaign. the lump sum was paid as sexual allegations from massa's office were becoming public. one of the nation's top schools will soon begin covering the expenses for students who want to change their gender starting next fall. students at the university of pennsylvania will be able to receive sex change operations under the student health plan. the coverage includes up to $50,000 for surgery, therapy and hormone treatments. we'll be back.
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talk about going nowhere fast, a group trying to take in a few holes at a harborside golf course in hilton head got caught watching the greens and not the tide. when the water went out their boat got stuck and so did one of the boaters. the group had to endure the jeers of fans and players. [ laughter ] >> announcer: it's "the toni


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